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5g Pure fishscale Cocaine 90%

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Buy pure fishscale cocaine online is uncut and cut product and has a purity of 99%. The coca leaves product is popular today as it is in high demand by consumers. We offer the best prices especially for bulk buyers and as the best suppliers in the business we guarantee a maximum of two days to get your product deliver and 24 hours in USA. Pure white cut and uncut is available in stock with the best quality our customers can reach out. Dont be fool we offer the best and purest product at a cheaper price and contact us directly for supplies.

Furthermore high addiction specialist and consultants have stated you can buy up to 50 gram of fishscale cocaine and that will be good for the body. The uncut powder is inhale through the nostrils and also injected and can be smoke. buy bolivian cocaine.

However you can buy cocaine online with bitcoin which is very easy and less stressful. Get with our marketing team for questions on how to proceed with your order buy pure fishscale cocaine online.

You can buy cocaine online with bitcoin cashapp and other means of payment contact our customer services for more details.



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