What Is Fish Scale Cocaine

What Is Fish Scale Cocaine

What Is Fish Scale Cocaine

Fish scale cocaine is the purest form of cocaine, more refined and powerful than traditional cocaine hydrochloride. All forms of cocaine are considered Schedule II controlled substances typically found illicitly, although some are used for legitimate medical purposes. Visually, fish scale cocaine differs from white or off-white powder cocaine due to its luminous, iridescent appearance resembling fish scales. Because fish scale cocaine is particularly potent and pure, it is more addictive and dangerous than other forms of cocaine.

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While its prevalence was greater in the 1980s, fish scale cocaine can still be found on the black market. It is a purer form of cocaine with a typical potency of 90% compared to most cocaine at 60%. It’s named for its shiny, iridescent appearance.

Fish scale cocaine has nothing to do with fish or the ocean. Rather, it’s a very pure form of cocaine named for its iridescent appearance that resembles the scales of a fish.

Being purer than cocaine hydrochloride, fish scale cocaine is more expensive, and its potency puts users at a higher risk of overdose.

Here’s what you need to know about fish scale cocaine and why it’s not as popular as it used to be.

As cocaine hydrochloride is typically cut with other additives, most of what is found on the streets isn’t pure cocaine.

As far as the name goes, fish scale cocaine gets its moniker from its appearance. Regular cocaine is typically a white or off-white powder, depending on what it’s cut with.

On the other hand, fish scale cocaine is a bright, iridescent white powder that somewhat resembles the iridescence of fish scales.

“Bolivian Flake” Cocaine

On the other hand, Bolivia is a top producer of cocaine. However, it is only the third-highest producer of the substance.

Bolivia is also home to endless coca plants. Fish scale cocaine, also known as Bolivian flake, is a huge export for the country.

The Production Of Fish Scale Cocaine

The production of fish scale cocaine is very similar to that of cocaine hydrochloride, considering it’s one of the purest forms of it.

Cocaine is made from the leaves of the coca plant. Then, it is usually mixed with other substances like flour, talcum powder, baking soda, or fentanyl, though this is different for fish scale cocaine, as it’s often uncut.

Physical Characteristics Of Fish Scale Cocaine

Fish scale cocaine is easily identifiable by its physical characteristics. It is bright white in color and has a pearly sheen or iridescence to it.

The other physical characteristic of this form of cocaine is its texture. It is typically a powder but can also be solid and rock-like if it has been converted to crack cocaine.

Cutting Agents In Fish Scale Cocaine

Because fish scale cocaine is a purer form of cocaine, there are not many cutting agents involved in the production of it.

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